оборудование и инструмент для строительной индустрии

F.A.Q. about cutting and drilling technologies

1. Usual causes of annular cutters failure:

  • Loosing guide rails, this is the most often reason at all
  • Excessive force applied to an annular cutter
  • Presence of any liquid, like water or coolant fluid or any objects between the electromagnet and metal surface. This causes an undesired movement of a machine
  • When drilling inclined surfaces, metal of variable thickness, etc
  • Absence or incorrect selection of cooling materials;
  • If a tool arbor is broken, damaged or inaccurate;
  • Drilling of profile beams;
  • Drilling of slotted or oblong holes;
  • Attempts of reaming of existing holes.
  • Drilling stacked plates
  • The weak or faulty electromagnet of the drilling machine
  • Trying to drill workpieces by holding them with ones own hands
  • Negligent handling of an equipment.

2. How much can I cut by a saw blade for dry cutting of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is very difficult material to processing and cutting, and therefore we can't guarantee exact lifetime of discs when cutting stainless steel. Stainless steel discs are selling as "stainless steel capable discs", that is not for the production needs of cutting stainless steel, but for short-term use, when the price of cutting is not critical in comparison with other costs. For example, when you want to make several cuts "on-site" instead of dismantling and sending the entire construction back to a factory.The problem is that stainless steel is very heavy  processing material, and depending on how often the cutting cycles are repeated, the life of the sawblade decreases. For example, if you do 1 to 2 cuts in the morning, then repeat again in the afternoon, then for a blade this is normal, but if you continue to work with a blade, then the heat will be released during cutting and the tension will accumulate in the carbide and the blade will stop working. 


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